Vision Mission


  • To become Lead manufacturer of automotive and other components. Get recognised by our customers as their best supplier.


  • To ensure Product Quality & Performance as per Customer Standards & Specifications.
  • To work along with the Customer for Introduction, Development & Validation of New Products as per their schedules
  • To continuously upgrade the Products through Engineering Changes in order to meet the Market Challenges.
  • To ensure Total Customer Satisfaction in the Products developed & supplied.
  • To achieve all the above through continuous improvements & innovations by Total Employee Participation & Involvement.


  • Customer Driven Approach
    We are a customer driven organization. Our continuous endeavor is to provide products and services of superior value to meet the expectations of our internal and external customers.
  • Innovation
    NACL constantly strives to be creative and innovative in all its endeavors. All NACL employees are encouraged to bring forth new and better ideas for improved performance.
  • Integrity
    Honesty and fairness are essential to the way we do business. NACL demands openness and honesty throughout its operations. Trust and Integrity underscores everything.
  • People
    NACL employees are partners, working together in the pursuit of its mission and strategy. We strongly value teamwork and we want every employee to be motivated to succeed.
  • Performance
    NACL is performance driven. We continuously aim to improve in all that we do.

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